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[Verse 1: Tedashii]
Remember when we were kids saying things that were did
By me and you, but too ashamed to admit that th-th-they were fibs
Sippin’ on Mr. Pibb playing with neighbors kids
And I front to fall asleep so I could chill at your crib
House parties like play and kid listening to Gangster Nip
Tripping off Ghetto Boys how they mind kept playing tricks
Hide and seek with my sister’s friends Tonight like DJ Quick
Natural born sinners slowly loosing our innocence
This was all just the start of it like working with a starter kit
I went from bad to worse when I saw Cube put on that Starter fit
Pressure started marching in cause all my friends were part of it
It seduced me even more like a girl who plays hard to get
“Cool” gave my heart a kiss told me, give my all to this
Did it all so I felt obligated to be part of this
Anything to garner this chords Tedashii - Hollywood lyrics lyrics stardom that was hard to miss
Fartherless, so Hollywood guided, through the dark abyss

[Chorus: Rozie Turner]
Stepped in the cineplex just passed the Cinnabon
fin’ to see what’s playing next (yes) Hollywood
(Hey) I got my butter and my popcorn my crew is with me
and we feeling like it’s not wrong, Hollywood
Like it’s so cool to watch upcoming attractions
blinded by the distractions
Don’t be so complacent with cheap imitations
need godly inspiration so we can’t replace it
With Hollywood

[Verse 2: Tedashii]
Remember when we were kids saying things that were did
By me and you, but too ashamed to admit that th-th-they were fibs
Hooping up at the gym lust had us chasing Kim
Acting hard but riding clean bumping that BoysIIMen
Watching the latest films Quote it and take it in
Lustful flesh had us actin gangsta like Doughboy did
Lived like them boys in the hood but stayed trill
Out the Tre, so you can say I’m Furious Styles kid
My Love Jones lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Tedashii - Hollywood lyrics download mp3 was shy but my Justice was Poetic
All I needed was the Juice and then my Blues would be Mo’ Better
I would listen to the Preacher’s Wife but I’d go back like Boomerang
My set would Set It Off and we’d be right back in that New Jack swang
Pride of Life had me like O-Dog and Higher Learning guided me
Momma said Lean On Me but I’m a Menace II Society
All that “drama” mixed with sinning, the women with them in linen
Seem to spark a cycle unrivaled and never ending (ending)


[Verse 3: Tedashii]
I been learning from this teacher, since I was in the nursery
A victim of it’s preaching cause she said she’d give the world to me
At least that’s what I thought I heard Hollywood was celebrated
She could easily mess up the lines of real and imitation
And like Adam, we ate the fruit of prideful racketeering
Just so we could all see Eve without the leaves and bangled earrings
It’s the lies that they tell you, you start to believe
And if truth is what you make it then you’re ready to receive
A slave to the trade sinful ways cause of this artistry
Until I met the One, who was knocking at my hearts entry
Some say He’s unattractive when compared to the glitz and glam
But, I was glad to look behind the bush to see a ram
Who set me free from sin, along with false identity
Because until we know the Savior, God is our enemy
So don’t let the world and it’s devices, advise cord kord chord Tedashii - Hollywood lyrics kunci gitar you
Instead trust the truth of the Father found in the bible


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