[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Capital Steez - 135 lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
It’s like I can’t think of the words, only a melody
Looping in my mind but my heart still skips a beat
I admire your style and your smile. A whole list of things
And I think that it’s a shame, that I don’t get to see you enough
And I been trying to make you mine for at least a few months
You steady running through my mind, so what’s keeping you pumped [?]
And as for them pumps, it’s really bringing out the way that you strut
Like, lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Capital Steez - 135 lyrics download mp3 who wouldn’t want a girl with elegance, intelligence
And a cute way of presenting it?
I see where your potential is
And I know that even with or without me, you’ll keep on ascending
Let me tune into your spiritual channel
My sleeping beauty all alone in her castle
You’re golden, glowing through shadows
Cupid got his bow and his arrow when I throw in the towel

[Chorus x8]
Relax yourself girl, please settle down
(I’m not saying you should let us in
I’m just saying let your guard down a little bit)

[Verse 2]
Still better my days, by drawing hearts around my Es’s and J’s
And thinking bout’ you when I get on the stage
You’re a lot more mature than the women your age
And I really don’t expect it to change
So take this a token of my loyalty
It started with a blueprint, now I need a supporting beam
Way before chords Capital Steez - 135 lyrics lyrics the context, you saw a lot more in me
I can’t define it metaphorically
You’re like a diamond in the rough or the lighter to my dutch
That was blunt, but I can’t lie you firing it up
And by myself it’s hard for me to face it
All I need is patience to help keep this flame lit
And that look in your eyes is pretentious
It’s cord kord chord Capital Steez - 135 lyrics kunci gitar no strings attached, so why less affection
And we both trying to find some reception
I got you unlocked, don’t hide this connection

[Chorus x8]

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